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Dare! Em on Em... writing and her e-Books Sometimes I’ve wondered, “Who do you think you are -- taking aspects of your life, putting them into books? Taking ouch, eek, oh no, woe, dear God, help-me moments from my own life and working them into 300, 400, 800 page tomes.” Yep, that's what you did. My six e-novels are full of aspects of my life -- love, betrayal, heartache, courage, commitment, the yearning for fame, the price one pays. Their words carry my wry, slanted, sometimes gnarled, knotted and twisted vision of life. Hey, I tried to pull away from ME. I tried to write about Machiavelli and Savonarola, the Renaissance priest who burned books, made friends with up-and- coming artists, and had them arrested, tortured, burned at the stake. It didn't work. I couldn't find my voice -- couldn't find a place for myself in it at all. And I tried to write about Clare Boothe Luce. But I couldn't do it until I turned her into Cordelia/me, in ‘Somebody.’ I had to invent a similar but different background for Cordelia, because Clare's reactionary politics made it impossible for me to BE her. How dare I write?
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I dare. It comes naturally to me.  It's thinking and talking and listening and laughing and whispers, and innermost secrets, all balled up, compacted, and yet, easily accessible. And it’s so much easier for me than dancing ever was.  The only other thing I've ever done that was easy, was teaching children, telling them stories, enacting all the characters while inventing true imaginary tales. Yes. The oppositional aspects of real and unreal are why I do it so well. When things don't fit, my imagination and my warrior self (the cook, painter, dancer- improviser who is bored by steps), can mix it together and make it taste/look/feel right, and flow. If you wander onto the e-book selling sites, would you want to download all those pages about invented heroines who are all bits of me the writer, the one who calls herself EM? Mmm. I'm hoping you'll be curious, critical, picky. But mostly ... curious. I'm hoping you'll give those books a try. Listen to a few audible samplers. Listen, sample and see.
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