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Emily Frankel biography  Emily Frankel is a dancer, choreographer, director, playwright (seven plays), novelist and the writer of the provocative daily blog, Em’s Talkery. In her romantic, suspenseful works of fiction ("Circle of Ivy," "Heart City," "Karen of Troy," "Splintered Heart, "Three Miles East of Rose," and "Somebody"), Emily Frankel choreographs stories about strong women in difficult circumstances who cope valiantly and determinedly to right their lives. “My books are fiction, the characters are invented,” she says. “But the unfolding stories, the famous people mentioned, the events and the trivia, are as accurate and real as I could make them with facts I’ve been collecting from history books, almanacs, and the pages of newspapers that I’ve been devouring since I started writing, more than 20 years ago, about why I was compelled, all my life, to be somebody -- to be famous and be a normal woman at the same time. What I gleaned from hundreds of conversations with other women gave me the passion to delve truthfully into all the stuff -- bad and good, sad, ugly, repulsive, and the courage (because a lot of it is sexual) to make my journey through the century as a girl lady woman, in various disguises, some of them outlandish and not very comfortable, but always, as genuine as possible.” Emily Frankel is a woman of true grit, who has faced adversity in the most dramatic ways, most especially when she was in a horrific car crash that left her almost dead, then threatened to steal away her gift and passion for dancing with a terrifying and permanent diagnosis of paraplegia.    
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Following the car crash on a snowy road in the mid west, doctors told her she would never walk again -- let alone dance! But surrender is not in Emily Frankel's DNA. With steely determination, she conquered her paralysis and lived -- not only to dance again, but to triumph! The crowning glory of her dance career was a breathtaking showcase -- a 70 minute performance of Mahler's "Fifth Symphony," at Lincoln Center’s Tully Hall. Hers is a story that mimics fiction, but is very real. That story has been dramatically chronicled in Teague Jackson's “ENCORE: The Professional and Private Triumph of Emily Frankel." An honest and gifted writer, Emily Frankel always features strong, complex heroines who deal -- sometimes gracefully, sometimes not -- with the vagaries of life, from love and betrayal to ambition, loss, and redemption. Em Frankel's daily blog, "Em's Talkery", offers her candid and frank take on what's happening in the world today -- from politics and pop culture to art and entertainment. The proud mother of actor-son JD Cullum, Emily Frankel is "married to a wonderful guy," who also happens to be a well-known Broadway and television actor, and two-time Tony-award winner. His name is John Cullum. Together, each week, Emily Frankel and John Cullum record a videocast, in New York City, on Youtube called Airbroadcasting.” Listen to several audible samples read by actor and Tony-award-winning John Cullum.
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